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  • Curated Intelligence(TM): An Almost Unfair Advantage.

    The Vice President at my client was agitated. A new competitor had been positioning itself as the market leader in signing contracts with the National Institutes of Health and the National Cancer Institute with noticeable press coverage and a well-delivered marketing message. “I want to know if they really are competition for government business”. The VP wanted […]

    about 3 years

  • The emergence of the power of our Polycultural Society fueled by the chasm in Social Economics

    Cultural Blindness, Polycultural SocietyThe digital revolution has fueled the emergence of the voices that make up our Polycultural society, and their strength and power are louder than words. Its economic …and increasing! While corporate and government leaders may have prepared more adequately to adjust and respond to the not-so-new emerging trends, they did not.   Perhaps it was “Cultural […]

    over 3 years

  • Why Traditional Risk Methodologies are One Step Behind the Real World

    By Mike Hatcliffe Here’s the headline from the front page of the Chicago Tribune’s section on Sunday July 3rd: ‘POLITICAL CUBICLES: Taboo on elections as workplace topic may be fading but gray areas remain’. The story under the headline talks to the changing and noisy political times that have descended on the U.S. during the […]

    over 3 years


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    RT @Cannes_Lions: ♀ #SeeItBeIt is our programme designed to identify and support aspiring female creative directors who are leading the w…

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    Remotely Entertaining: HBO's 'Westworld' Town Is Blowing Everyone's Minds https://t.co/mJ2lFlf1Uu

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    Facebook Sees Its Gen Z Audience Slipping Away to Snapchat https://t.co/0UcdJxBlqm

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    Growing Hispanic Retailers Impact Overall Grocery and Food Trends https://t.co/Gat9ZwBMw3 via @portada_online

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    Super Bowl Ad Review: We Laughed, We Cried, We Cringed https://t.co/rP3pKZXTPp

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    "The State of Digital Audio in the US Hispanic Market"

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    ‘Organic reach on Facebook is dead’: Advertisers expect price hikes after Facebook’s feed purge https://t.co/UChOaXhWsH via @digiday