George L. San Jose

President and Chief Creative Officer

George L. San Jose is the President and Chief Creative Officer of The San Jose Group (SJG). A seasoned adman, George specializes in brand and creative strategy development. The agency he leads focuses on lifestyle and behavioral marketing solutions providing brand strategy, message development, persuasive content and ideation across digital, social and advertising channels. As a true visionary and entrepreneur at heart, George founded SJG in 1981 to help brands reach new complex markets.

Recognizing the evolving U.S. consumer landscape over the years - and that today’s consumers are more complex and diversified than ever before - George has been on the forefront of the emerging trend to develop creative content that is lifestyle and behavioral centric. Passionate about the power of creation, he developed the agency’s holistic marketing approach, Convergent Marketing Solutions, which discovers new ways of connecting brands and consumers to their core purpose through the application of “Global Truths.”

George leverages decades of experience in overseeing the creative and strategic direction for the agency’s clients. His motto is, “If you can imagine it, we can create it.” He has developed consumer engagement tools that consistently deliver results for his clients while providing award-winning marketing communications. His relentless pursuit for innovation, strategic and convergent solutions have translated into a little over $6.5 billion in incremental sales for SJG clients and has earned the agency hundreds of creative awards and recognition from industry leaders and peers.

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747 N. Wabash Ave Suite 2502
Chicago, IL 60611

TEL 312.565.7000   FAX 312.565.7500

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