Funny Friday: The Best of Smokey

While it may be Shark Week, bear with me as I turn the nature focus from the water to the land.

The air is crisper, the sun is coming out later and leaving earlier and all signs point to fall. Although the season doesn’t officially end until September, summer as we know it—beaches, parks, forests—draws to a close. Families nationwide scramble to squeeze in that one last breath of Mother Nature. Since today marks the 159th anniversary of Henry David Thoreau’s Walden AND the 69th anniversary of Smokey the Bear’s original PSA release, what better day to get outdoors and experience the nature—but before you go, check out Smokey Bear’s funniest PSAs (not to imply forest fires are funny).

1. “Careless Bears”



While the message is serious, the depiction is hilarious.

2. “If You knew It was Me…”



SURPRISE! If you thought this was Joanna Cassidy, think again.

3. “Neighbor”


My biggest pet peeve with Smokey commercials (I know, how can anything be wrong with them), is that they always seemed—back in the day, that is—to focus on children. As if kids were really wondering off by themselves into the forest and burning it down. So when Smokey began focusing on adults (darn, I’m still the target), I was pretty content.

4. “The Forest has Many Things”



If the forest is a “shady” place, why would I want to venture there? Seriously, the forest spontaneously combusts as this child wonders around the wilderness alone. Since no evidence points to an actual person starting this fire, perhaps this is not the best example of how only people can prevent forest fires—cartoonists can prevent them, too.

5. Once Upon a Time (Bambi)


I hate to bring this up, but need I remind the Ad Council that a hunter shot and killed Bambi’s mom—that wasn’t a very “happily ever after.” I can’t watch Bambi—yes, Chandler Bing, it was “very sad when the man stopped drawing the deer.”

6. “Bear Hug – Camp Fire”


When a bear comes up and hugs your boyfriend, snapping a photo and immediately uploading it to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. might not be the correct instinct. At least she didn’t act like this.

So, when you head to the great outdoors this weekend, remember “only you can prevent forest fires!” Don’t forget your copy of Walden.

Cover Photo Source: Wayne National Forest via Flickr

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