Funny Friday: The Copyright Prank

Welcome to Funny Friday where our SJG “Punk’d” pranks continue… and this one hits me a little close to home. Yup, SJG got me.

The scenario is little embarrassing since I am the one who wrote the Anatomy of the Prank—but even MTV got Ashton in season one of Punk’d, so I don’t feel too bad. And let’s face it, at the end of the day I’m glad it was fake, and  I wasn’t fired for copyright infringement.

Before I get too far ahead of myself, let’s back it up and preface this prank.

So I’m in charge of proofing, editing and posting the blogs to Our Space. I’m also responsible for checking facts and making sure that everything is cited. What would freak me out most? Perhaps getting the company sued for copyright infringement. We’ve got Ebonne, Jennifer and Nicole setting up the prank. Seth, the HR director, is  going to come into the blog brainstorm meeting, tell the team the company is being sued over the blog and ask who is responsible for posting. As I am the responsible party, I begin to freak out.

Check out the video to see the prank unfold:



Since I didn’t really articulate myself during the prank, I thought I’d offer up my perspective at the time of the prank.

As our HR director joins us halfway through the blog meeting, I was informed he was interested in contributing; however, when he took the floor, he started talking about a phone call he was on a moment ago with our attorneys.

The minute he said copyright infringement on the blog, I internalized about 100 questions at once. I’ll share with you a few: Which blogs? What information wasn’t cited? Was it a video? Was it a photo? Wait… can I get fired for this? Who wrote the blogs? Will they get fired, too? Who’s suing us? I’m totally fired! Can we settle? How much are they suing us for? Oh God, I’m definitely fired! What didn’t we cite? Do companies hire writers who have gotten companies sued in the past? WHY?

Obviously, my mind went zero to sixty in an instant, and– as the video points out– you can see my eyebrows arching and breaths increasing as the “reality” we’re being sued sinks in.

Alas, when Jennifer outed the prank, I was sufficiently amused and relieved. At the end of the day, I’ve got to give it up to the team because I got “Punk’d.”

Cover Photo Source: Martin Fisch via Flickr

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