15 Years of Network Conferences

CHICAGO (October 10, 2012) — We turn
off the lights, lock the door and let the affiliates go back home. Another
conference ends. We say goodbye knowing we had some of the best discussions and
speakers ever. This year
s topic was key: R U The Agency of 2020?”, basically
focusing the conference on the new ways to advertise within the Marketing

Without a doubt, technology and trends are changing
at the most rapid pace in history. It is vital for us all to be up to date on
the issues that affect our businesses and our clients
 needs. For that reason,
we had nine great guest speakers that instruct us not only theoretically but
also practically, showing us case studies and best practices on how to be
prepared for the future. Ketchum, ComScore, Meredith, Vibes, DePaul University
 all of the speakers came from different businesses within the industry, which
gave the attendees different points of view on how the advertising field is
nowadays and what lies ahead.

A lot of countries gathered in one room, on behalf
of many different advertising agencies from all over the world. A perfect
representation of how we work.

We would like, once again, to thank all the
affiliates and outside presenters who joined us in making our annual conference
a great success. It was a pleasure to finally meet some of you in person. The
entire team of SJN appreciates your efforts to attend and we hope you can take
an advantage of the topics that were discussed.

We are already thinking about the 16th.

About San Jose

San Jose Network (SJN) is an international independent advertising agency
network serving the multicultural markets of the U.S. and Latin America. Today,
the network is composed of 18 countries, serving 36 markets across Latin
America and the U.S. Our network specializes in message development, TV
commercials, persuasive content, and ideation across digital, social and
advertising channels.

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