George L. San Jose, President and COO of the San Jose Group Appointed Honorary Chair for this Year’s Hispanic Heritage Awards Foundation (HHAF) Awards Ceremony

CHICAGO (June 30, 2003) — George L. San Jose, president and COO of the San Jose Group, was appointed Honorary Chair for this year’s Hispanic Heritage Youth Awards ceremony where winners each received educational grants for outstanding achievement in academics and extracurricular activities.

Chicago regional youth award winners were honored at a ceremony at The Museum of Science and Industry earlier this year, during which Mr. San Jose gave an inspirational and motivational speech where he encouraged the young winners to have a vision of something they want to accomplish, and to dream no matter how large or extreme that dream may be. “I always dreamt of directing my own marketing and advertising agency, and as a young man I worked in an auto shop and everyone mocked me and made fun of me because I envisioned myself as a marketing and advertising expert,” said San Jose. “Then at the age of 24, the dream of owning my own agency came true; the marketing and advertising expert I’m still working on,” he concluded. “Tonight I challenge you to write down your vision, be bold! Go out on a limb, do what you have never done before.”

“The Hispanic Heritage Youth Awards have become an important achievement for young people across the country since its creation six years ago,” said HHAF President and CEO Jose Antonio Tijerino. “Our sponsors share in our commitment in helping develop tomorrow’s leaders.” Mr. San Jose and The San Jose Group have been actively involved with the HHAF for over 8 years helping them promote the cause and, as posed by Mr. San Jose “giving them the ambition to dream.”

This is one of the several community organizations with which Mr. San Jose is involved. The American Cancer Society is another organization that has benefited from his involvement; where his efforts led to the first ever-Hispanic mammogram awareness campaign as well as other awareness campaigns. Giving back to his community has been an understated principal for which Mr. San Jose has been recognized by many local organizations that today enjoy the benefits of his contributions. The Mexican Civil Society recently distinguished him for outstanding contributions to the Mexican community. His commitment to community service led to the appointment of director of the Selected Services System Board of Appeals by the president of the United States.

The mission of the Youth Awards is extremely important in Hispanic communities across the United States considering that the latest Census Bureau found that Hispanics are now the largest minority and that more than 35 percent of all Hispanics in the U.S. are younger than 18 years of age. Hispanics also have a median age of 24 years compared with 34 for the general population.

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