Trending News Monday: One World Trade, One Alex and One Wellenda

Missed the headlines in the midst of Halloween weekend festivities? That’s okay, we’ve compiled some of the weekend’s hottest headlines for today’s Trending News Monday.

One World Trade Center

After years of construction, One World Trade Center finally opened its doors to tenants this morning, officially marking the beginning of a new era of business life in Lower Manhattan. According to the New York Times, “Technology firms, advertising agencies and media companies have moved downtown,” while the number of financial institutions in what was once the city’s financial district has declined.

Leading that movement, Condé Nast editors, writers and administrate staff began their migration from their offices in Time Square into One World Trade this morning; however, the company will not be completely relocated to the new offices until February.

As of now, One World Trade Center has leased a little over 58% of the building, so the building is far from filled to capacity.

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Alex from Target

Funny things can happen when teenagers latch on to something as simple as a photo of a young target cashier on social media. For a day now, #AlexFromTarget has been getting a lot of attention on social media, and it all started with a simple photo of the boy bagging groceries at Target. The photo quickly circulated on Twitter and Instagram, with users including the hashtag #AlexFromTarget.

The meme got so big, that by this morning, even Target commented on its newly famous employee.



While the instant fame is nonsensical to almost every writer who has covered this story, one aspect about Alex’s meme that offers people a bit of insight is that teenagers can really do almost anything with the power of the Internet. Target has not released any plans to the public that the company will further capitalize on its most popular employee outside the Twittersphere or cash register, but who knows if this is the last we see of Alex.

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Nik Wellenda

Nik Wallenda may have been trending in Chicago behind #AlexFromTarget on Twitter today, but that doesn’t mean his death defying stunt isn’t worthy of noting.

Last night, Wallenda set two Guinness world records: walking the steepest tightrope incline between two buildings and completing the highest tightrope walk while blindfolded. He did this all in downtown Chicago without the safety of a net. Wallenda began his stunt at Marina City’s West Tower, where he climbed a tightrope set 588 feet off the ground across the Chicago River. He finished his first walk at the Leo Burnett Building, climbing to 671 feet, according to CNN.

After his first walk, Wallenda made his way back to Marina City (at the ground level this time) to begin his second walk. He walked from the top of the West Tower to the East Tower, blindfolded. Tenants of the building were warned beforehand not to scream, play loud music, grill or do anything that would otherwise be distracting to Wallenda as a performed his stunt.

Wondering weather wind would be a factor, spectators were skeptical all week about whether or not the seventh-generation member of The Flying Wallendas family would be able to even attempt the stunt. The 35-year-old daredevil did not disappoint though, and he completed the walks even faster than he anticipated in front of a live audience and cameras broadcasting the event on the Discovery Channel.

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